Every Little Thing Is Wrapped In Plastic!

Every Little Thing Is Wrapped In Plastic!

Oh, it’s the little things! There it is, I finally get to make up a play on Sting’s Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic because I spent a full month putting figures in bags (wrapping) and sealing every figure I own in order to secure its quality for a long time to come. I now wrap every new figure as it comes in the door straight away.

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Every Figure You See - Wrapped In Plastic !

Personally I think it’s one of the best ideas for protecting the figures I’ve had, wrapping them all in plastic, because plastic puts a extra layer of protection on them. I have accidently dropped a couple onto the carpet now and had the box bounce undamaged to my delight both times. I think the plastic helped there.

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Job done - All new figures are sealed in plastic.

Being fully wrapped in plastic means figures can also be handled without damaging them. It also makes it easier to travel with them safely, for instance to sell them at a market stall or other event if ever the need or want arose.