A little background info…

A little background info…

Hi there, my name’s Pete and I created GoFigureAU.com because I make web sites for a living, so what better than making my own online web site space where I could share my growing figurine collection with everybody online.

With this web site I can share my growing collection and tell you interesting information about the collection and when I am ready I can sell it all too. That’s the beauty of a website!

Like any collector I do find and buy all sorts of stuff along the way and I certainly have more than a few things I would be happy to part with, and, if you’re lucky you can find the figurine you have been chasing for sale in my store.

Please click the Hobby Shop link (menu above) to see what I have available for sale today.

Advance warning; If you do find something you want here then you would be best ordering it straight away. I usually only buy 1 of any figure so most of my figures are one-offs. You will soon see that things can move around here fast. What is available today might not be there tomorrow. It may be a while before I come across another.