Ape News Volume 1

Ape News Volume 1


It’s a statistical fact, that figurines look smarter when they’re holding a newspaper!

Ape News is a mini newspaper that features a range of ape colony stories including the General Ursus roundup of humans in the corn fields and final proof that like  General Ursus, the good Dr Zaius also wants all humans exterminated.

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Ape News is a mini newspaper that was created to compliment your Planet of the Apes figurines. It is a reproduction newspaper based on the original “The Ape” newspaper which was handed out with the original press pack. It looks great on its own but looks perfect when coupled with a 6-7″ Apes figurine.

The original newspaper was not of good enough quality to reproduce without blurring the page. This reproduction has been redrawn digitally staying faithful to the original where possible.

Professionally printed on 300gsm cardstock with silk coated front and back. The crispness of the print is incredible. With clear vision the text is easily read. A magnifying glass proves the quality of the work with no blurred edges anywhere.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 1 cm

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