Ansa I.D. Badge Landon / Planet of the Apes

Ansa I.D. Badge Landon / Planet of the Apes


You’ll never get to fly the Icarus without your identity card! You’ll need it to get into headquarters, or when passing the various checkpoints on your way to the¬†Planet of the Apes.

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These collectible business-card sized accessories look great when placed with figurines but they also look great on their own, in a frame on the wall or matched with a similar cosplay character.

This card is part of our new release Space Pack. The 5 card set includes ANSA identity cards for all four astronauts aboard the first trip plus the Icarus schematic to find your way around the ship. Collect them all.

With a matte finish they are professionally printed on 300gsm card-stock with a silk coated front and back.

Card size: 90x55mm

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 2 cm