Noble Six- Halo Series 3

Noble Six- Halo Series 3


Defend Reach with the latest addition to the already capable Noble Team, Noble Six! Take your stand against the Covenant with the newest member of Noble team, Noble Six.

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The Spartan Collection is perfect for the Halo fan and collector in your life, no matter how young, old, or new they might be. Build out your Halo universe with Jazwares Spartan Collection figures today!

Spartan Collection figures include additional hands alongside their weapon accessories and are modeled in painstaking detail and to scale.

As one of the highest rated Spartans in terms of combat prowess, Noble Six comes equipped with an Assault Rifle, Magnum, and a Combat Knife for when the fighting gets too close for comfort.
(1) 6.5 Noble Six figure
(1) MA37 Assault Rifle weapon
(1) M6G Magnum weapon
(1) M1 Combat Knife weapon
(5) Alternate hand accessories

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