Superman (Man of Steel) – Eaglemoss Collectible Bust

Superman (Man of Steel) – Eaglemoss Collectible Bust


This incredible metallic resin Superman Bust has been cast and painted by hand, capturing the last son of Krypton in his updated superman suit in a darker blue with the “S” emblem adorned across his chest, and a dark red cape, perfectly placed hair, and resembles a great likeness to Henry Cavill.

I am currently stocktaking this item. It may be found at my Ebay Store.


DC were keen to give the same realistic treatment to Superman. Henry Cavill was cast as the legendary hero for ‘Man of Steel’, with director Zack Snyder seeing in him the perfect combination of decency, curiosity about the world, and a sense of duty, later reprising the role of Superman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017).