Jax Teller (Samcro) / Sons of Anarchy

Jax Teller (Samcro) / Sons of Anarchy


Looking fresh in his Samcro shirt, comes this wicked new 6″ Jax Teller Action Figure from the critically acclaimed TV series, Sons of Anarchy!

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Jax wears his black SOA vest with a blue short sleeve SAMCRO shirt as seen in the series. He comes decked out with a knife that sneakily fits into the sheath on his waist, which is also transportable to his hand so you can display him in a more ‘ready for business’ action pose if you fancy!

Mezco has worked hard to feature Jax to the likeness of Charlie Hunnam, featuring real life facial expression, detailed wrinkles and skin texture; perfectly capturing the Jax Teller in his bad boy facade.

6 Points of Articulation
A new head sculpt
Killer accessory (knife)
Packaged in collector friendly blister card so he can be displayed without having to remove him from the box!

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm