Buffy / Buffy

Buffy / Buffy


She just wants to live a normal life, but Buffy soon learns to embrace her destiny as a vampire slayer. Activated in the late 20th century, she was called to become a Slayer at the age of 15, acting as guardian of the Hellmouth for seven years.

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Designed in a 1:15 Scale, the Buffy BST AXN Action Figure stands at 5″ tall and features an impressive 22 points of articulation. Pose the heroic figure however you like and pull off countless fighting moves and battle stances.

Also included is Buffy’s crossbow for slaying vampires, two alternate pairs of hands, and an array of other accessories perfect for extending the play and display possibilities.

  • 2 Pairs of Alternate Hands
  • Crossbow Accessory
  • Axe Accessory
  • Stake Accessory
  • Collector’s Cards

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm

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