Batgirl Joker Team Variant – DC Comics Artist Alley

Batgirl Joker Team Variant – DC Comics Artist Alley


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As a college girl by day and heroine by night, the Batgirl of Burnside must be ready anything the world throws at her. This statue based on the work of Chrissie Zullo shows a Batgirl enthusiastic and ready to scale the challenges set in front of her. She may be in the same crime-fighting family as Batman, but as this highly detailed figure will show, she certainly doesn’t have the same dour disposition.

Chrissie Zullo was discovered via the DC Comics Talent Search a decade ago. Since then Chrissie has worked in all facets of the industry, doing work on interiors, covers and variants for multiple titles and publishers. Created with a dreamlike, fairy-tale aesthetic, her work is modern in both origin (she uses both analog and digital tools in her work) and subject matter (video games, films by Miyazaki and Disney, Star Wars).

Here we see one of our favourite DC Heroines in her Joker Team variation.

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  • Size: 17.5cm tall approx
  • Material: PVC

Official DC Comics licensed merchandise