Classic Planet of the Apes Neca Figurines

My Review: A truly incredible collection

I am quite partial to the Planet of the Apes figurines and movies. There are 3 different franchises of the Planet of the Apes movies now and I reckon every one of them are special in their own way. Whilst I have always been a fan of the classic series from 1968 I also enjoyed the 2001 reboot and 2011-17 series too. I’ll be adding my collectibles into a gallery on this website soon.

It was about 6 months ago when I purchased my first Doctor Zaius from the classic Planet of the Apes Neca range as a bit of fun. When he arrived in the mail I pulled him out of the box and was instantly blown away by the quality. The sculpt itself was authentic and the paint job perfect, he looks like the Doctor Zaius of my childhood. Who knew figurines could be so good? Not me, that’s for sure!


Then, when it came to positioning him. I found I could move the arms in three spots, at the  shoulder, the elbow and the wrist. His head swivels about 120 degrees to the left and right easily with a little up & down movement and his legs could bend from the hip, knee and feet.

With that type of articulation it meant I could position him in any position I wanted. From there I was hooked on this series and I had to have another and another until it made sense to buy the whole set.

Not only did I buy the whole set, that is every picture you see here, now I am building a diorama especially for them because these little guys (and girl)  need a home!

More about the Planet of the Apes Figurines

I think the Neca figures stand out as the best in class. I have purchased the entire Neca range for myself and an extra set that I purchased as well. I have these and a few extras for sale or swap for something that I want.
I have also recently started collecting the Medicom range which was released in year 2000 and I must say they’re not bad either. There’s more characters, though not as much articulation as the Neca figures and they’re closer to 6″ than 7″ but the sculpt of each character is very well done and they mix and match well with the Neca range.